Apr 10, 2022

Chickens and hospitals


Today I had to re-home these sweet girls. They were being hen-pecked by my five older hens, and I have no ability to keep them separated. So off they went. They are in a new home nearby with 20+ other chickens. (Thanks Bel!)
I'm not sad, just relieved to have one problem solved.

The other thing is that my husband Bob has just had a knee replacement, and faces a long slow rehabilitation. He had a stroke back in 2010, and half of his body does not work. So something as simple as sitting up in the bed is difficult for him, and now walking is impossible. 

A rehabilitation hospital will get things sorted. He'll go to one of these as soon as a bed is available.

Meanwhile, Honey the Cavoodle is missing her daddy! And I'm doing daily visits across town. So painting has been placed on hold for a while.