Nov 21, 2009

It's not rocket science, this change thing

>Oil on Canvas
121 cm x 102 cm

Here is my latest work in the Basilica series.

I am continuing on a narrative as follows:
The imposing, patriarchal architecture (the church) has been emasculated by flooding the chapels with high tide...
The new guard are young trainee lifesavers, well equipped for and welcoming of the uprising water world. They challenge the authority of the church and introduce issues relating to gender and climate disasters.

Nov 13, 2009

Two Eric Fischls = one rough layout for my next work... titled "Is it me?"

This is my display of recent works... ready for assessment.

I have been doing the Advanced Diploma at the Sydney Gallery School. I have not finished, but sadly, this will be the end of school for me. Its time I pushed off into the big world of art, and find out whether I will sink or swim on my own. One is very protected as a student... there is structure, support, advice. None of which will be around for me next year.
Yep... sad.