Dec 21, 2013

Golden Dash

Le Tour de France sprinters doing their thing... heads down, racing for the finish.
Watercolor, 24 x 32cm

Dec 16, 2013

Old Grandeur

An old house in the bush: built on the top of a hill and surrounded by
Australian gum trees.
I loved the red roof against the pale blue foliage.

An Original Watercolour

by Shirley Peters

Traditional technique of watercolour on heavy paper. 

Returning Home


A traditional Australian painting of an old iron-roofed house,
once a proud home, now neglected and empty.
My grandmother lived in such an isolated house, 
but in those times there were no trees, just paddocks

Traditional technique of watercolour on heavy paper. 
An original, signed, painting.
Image size: 32cm x 24cm (12.5" x 9.4")

Dec 3, 2013

Luna Park near the Bridge

An original, signed, painting on paper by Shirley Peters.
Image size is 22 x 30cm (paper is larger)

Artist watercolour on Arches Paper

Nov 26, 2013

Old Sheds near Ball's Head Reserve, Sydney Harbour.

My new series of daily paintings will be based on views of Sydney Harbour.
Looking down from Ball's Head reserve, these old sheds reminded me of the 'hey' days of the northern side, when industry required water transport.

46cm x 35cm
Watercolour on Paper

Nov 14, 2013

Fresh Air Painting again, this time in Sydney.

Such a lovely day! Warm but with a cool breeze. Bob agreed to come Plein Air painting this afternoon. We drove around and around looking for a special spot at North Sydney.

Up high, not too many passing people. Great view. Perfect!
My folder lies flat and holds the paper. Paints behaved themselves.
Only problem is that I had to bend over to paint as I forgot my "extended" brush.

Back at the car, Bob is waiting for paint to dry! "It's not going in MY Subaru while still wet."

After deciding that the painting could fit in the car without having to fold it, we headed for our latest, favourite restaurant for dinner. But we needed a loo, urgently.
We found these "self cleaning" ones are under the Harbour Bridge.
I had to take a photo: clean, free, and so convenient.

What every "plein air" artist needs!!!

Speaking of which.. the bridge looked very splendid in the setting sun.

Back at home, my painting rests on the living room floor while it dries.

Finished painting. 
I'm not 'allowed' to touch it again. My rules :)
Except for removing the stones!

Nov 13, 2013

Racing Le Tour

During the European summer, I was busy painting scenes from Le Tour de France.
I was sitting up late at night (I live in Sydney, Australia) taking photographs of the TV screen as the race unfolded, and quickly sketching and painting the views. At the end of each night I would post the painting on eBay, and sell it after 5 days of (sometimes) competitive bidding.

I've been doing it for three years now. I have new buyers, and a group of 'collectors' who keep returning, and bidding. Many sales are to Americans and Canadians. 

This year, I made contact with a gallery in Amsterdam, who wanted to show my work in their window spaces around the town. So I doubled my output, and had a selection of 21 works to send over in September. They were received very well. 

Which brings me to eBay. I am now selling the paintings from that Amsterdam display.
They are 24 x 32cm (9.5" x 12.5") 
There are five available at the moment, with more being added every few days.

Nov 11, 2013

Autumn Red Lights Canal

After travelling around the south of France, I've been moved by the Impressionsists, especially Monet.   He painted these canals, and made such beautiful paintings of the trees alongside.

 I started this painting while on our barge in France, and finished it back home in Sydney.

30cm x 42cm (11" x 16")
Oil on Sheet Canvas (unstretched)

Oct 26, 2013

Sketch for larger work...

I do many sketchy paintings, with the intention of working over them in acrylic or oils, 
or repainting the whole scene.
I will definitely re-do this sketch... 
But it has a 'primitiv' feel that I like.

30 x 40cm Watercolour on Acrylic paper

Oct 25, 2013

Steps at Nikolai

  Watercolour 30 x 40cm

It's morning here (Thursday) and I was hoping for a sunny day, as it's our last full day in Berlin. 
I love light and shadows, and the patterns formed.
Here is Bob walking up steps at Ephraim-Palais in Nikolaiviertel.

Oct 24, 2013

Berlin Shadows

A watercolour sketch of the Nikolai square near my hotel in Berlin.
I love the shadows that the large, medieval church throws during the rare moments of sunshine.

Watercolour Landscape 30 x 40cm
AUD $200 (free post)

Oct 17, 2013

The Arps&Co Gallery in Amsterdam

A unique gallery that specialises in window displays in and around the centre 
of Amsterdam! This way the gallery is open 24/7.

At the moment Gabriela Hajzler is showing her whimsical, subtle art that reflects 
the concept of peeking through windows, seeing glimpses of other people's lives.
Gabriela explained her concept to us artists from the Arps Gallery Win/Win Project.
Here is a link to the gallery and her work:

Oct 13, 2013

Amsterdam Canal: a hint of autumn

Walking around the canals of Amsterdam today, I was taken with the colours of the city.
With the trees just beginning to turn, and the sun throwing warm rays ... unexpectedly, as it was pouring here yesterday.. I couldn't wait to get back to the apartment to do this watercolour.

42 x 30cm

$200 (world post incl.)
Email to purchase.

Sep 29, 2013

From France

"Calm Waters"
15 x 20cm (approx)

"Autumn - Early"
15 x 20cm (approx)

"Golden Promise"
29 x 42cm (approx)

I am on a barge in France, enjoying boating on a calm canal in warm autumn weather.
Occasionally painting, in between exploring the old towns.
I'm with two other artists (my sister and her husband) and my photographer husband...
so lots of fun being had in this region.

All watercolours: AUD$160 small, AUD$200 large 
Oils: AUD$300
Free post worldwide

Sep 8, 2013

Dash in Haze

Slightly larger than the other Le Tour de France paintings.
30 x 40cm

Aug 21, 2013

Short Sharp Sprint

Adrenaline, action, excitement!
My favourite part of every stage is the finish... I guess it's the rider's best bit too.

9 x 12" 
Acrylic and watercolor on paper

This painting will be WON by a customer of the Daily Paintworks website next Friday.
All you need to do is to buy a work that is listed on that site (and there are some great paintings there!!) and then you'll be in the running to win this painting. 


Aug 20, 2013

The Effort of the Final Lap

The race to the end after 21 stages was ferocious! 

I love the images from Le Tour. 
These are my own, captured from the "live" TV action with my camera.
The blurs make each image unique.

Watercolour and acrylic on paper
24 x 32cm

Aug 19, 2013

Belkin Team Trial


The green giants from the north in perfect harmony during their time trial.

Sharp Turn Right

A Le Tour de France painting.
Cheering crowds, fast riders, great event.

Aug 16, 2013

Aug 14, 2013

Team Riders

A Le Tour de France colour sketch.
32 x 24cm watercolour.


Aug 12, 2013

Summertime in France

Such wonderful colours in the heat of the day, climbing an alp in France.


Aug 10, 2013

Shark Bay in Winter

Today I drove to the eastern suburbs, to visit this beautiful beach and do some watercolour paintings of the aqua green water. It was sunny and warm, very pleasant considering it is mid-winter!
When I arrived the beach was empty, but soon was filled with families and children, some swimming, some playing in the sand. Definitely no sign of sharks.. but that said, there is a big shark net protecting the swimming area.
This view is looking south, where sandstone rocks have eroded and fallen into the water.

Landscape, water colour, water colour on paper 32cm x 24cm
For Sale AD$65pp

Aug 7, 2013

Leadouts Pull Back

"Leadouts Pull Back"

Sprinters are led to the finish line by powerful team members... 
They are called "leadouts", and, just at the right distance... they pull aside, 
allowing the star sprinters to make a final dash.

Size is 24x 32cm 
(Will suit an IKEA "Ribba" frame $14.99, with some trimming of the mat)

W&N Artist watercolour on Arches Paper
The painting is signed, delivered flat with a backing board, to anywhere.

Aug 6, 2013

Impress Action

I wanted to re-create the blur, the impression, of the action as filmed by the cameraman.
Riders in focus, but other vehicles swing around behind in a blur of action.


Breakaway Racing

Breathtaking speeds are reached when these riders pass over the alps.


On the Turn (with crowds)

I have tried to transfer this post from Ebay with little success: they add so much of their own rubbish (logos etc) that the post looks blinking awful.
I am not sure if a good app does exist for multiple postings, but I'd sure like it if there was one. Manually posting to ebay, then to blog then twitter can get time consuming: time better spent painting!!

Anyway, enough of my rant. Here is an earlier painting from about 2 weeks ago, and as usual, it's from Le Tour de France.

Jul 28, 2013

All Behind

The alps region in France is beautiful. The vistas go on forever, but the rider's were focused on their strategy.

This painting is one of a series taken from Le Tour de France coverage by our local TV station SBS. I watch the action live, and click my iphone at the screen when a scene grabs me. Sometimes I end up with 50 or more clicks from each night.

I then paint one or two images. 

It's sort of live, only half a world away, and at midnight here, and in winter!!


Jul 15, 2013

The Fixer

"The Fixer"

Technicians can change wheels very quickly, despite the 
extra gadgets attached to these bikes.


24cm x 32cm Watercolour on 200gsm Canson Watercolor Paper.

Classic Tour

With the cameras behind, this view is 'classic' Le Tour de France.

I saw it on the Stage 15, before they started the huge climb.


24cm x 32cm Watercolour on 200gsm Canson Watercolor Paper.

Jul 13, 2013

Sprinter's Day

The sprint finish on Stage 13 of Le Tour de France.
Cavendish, on the right, wins the race. 
He has now won 25 stages, a new record.


24cm x 32cm Watercolour on 200gsm Canson Watercolor Paper.

Jul 9, 2013

The Other Bike

I am losing sleep! Every night Le Tour is on TV, and I watch it, and paint it.
So colourful, so exciting!

Jul 6, 2013

Flying Deep

One of my paintings from the "The World Below". 
It depicts the underground reservoir at Centennial Park, Sydney, with some fantasy: this time the unlikely happening of seagulls flying through.

Normally used to house Sydney's drinking water, the reservoir was emptied, my husband photographer, Bob Peters, and I were lowered in... and we helped to make a record of the space. 

From this memory, and the photographs, I have produced a body of work comprising 26 medium and large scale paintings.

76cm x 76cm, oil on canvas.
For Sale: AU$980.00

See my web site for all the paintings from this series.

May 30, 2013

A Dutch Barge

How about self-contained living on a Dutch Barge in France, 
floating all around the French/Dutch waterways,
 visiting the small and less-known villages?

At the same time, doing painting workshops with me?

This is my new 'big idea', and it will start in September with the purchase of a suitable barge, and some lessons in where to find the brakes on one of these things.

My new plans relate to this painting and to this blog:
(apart from my show in July, that is!)

Photo download problem...

I have been away from blogging, and feel that I must give an excuse: I am doing large works for a show in July: and my galley owner has asked that I not display them anywhere until the show opens. (I like his 'marketing' mind.)

So I am going to use this blog for a few rants for the time being.

I was just trying to copy 3 thousand very important time-lapse photos onto my mac, and I received a "jpeg error code -36"... and worse: every photo showed this error!
I was using a card reader (Belkin) and a Digitech USB hub... so I connected the USB straight from the reader to the computer, and problem solved: all pictures are OK and are now downloading...
Phew! (Just thought I'd share this in case it helps someone else...)

Moral: don't trust "hub" hardware!


Apr 6, 2013

Reservoir Under Centennial Park

I'm embargoing my "reservoir" paintings ... 

Sorry about that... 

They'll be in my new show which opens on July 4th in Sydney.


Apr 1, 2013

Mar 26, 2013

Behind the Bamboo Seller's House

I visited the Chinese country side and found many views
and details worthy of painting.
This will be the first in a new series.

Size is 20 x 25 x 3cm (approximately 7" x 9")
Oil on canvas.

Painted on the sides, ready to hang.

Mar 24, 2013

En Plein Air ...

I have done two paintings in two days of this harbour pool.
My back is quite sore, as I had to bend over the work.
And as you can see, the weather was just perfect: about 30C and a cool, gentle breeze.
My main complaint was that I didn't have my swimmers with me.. and 
I live about 30 mins away.

It is acrylic on paper and is very large: 1m x 1.5m