Feb 22, 2014

Huge Fig Tree

This tree was very big, and very old. 
It lives in a park near my house in Putney.
I have not noticed it before, but I will make up for
 that oversight with a lot of attention in the future!

40cm x 60cm
Acrylic on paper

Feb 21, 2014

Summer Hues at the Point

My house is near a river, which is actually the western edge of Sydney Harbour. We have many parks along its edge, and lately I have joined with a few other artists to paint in these parks in the hot sunshine! Today was perfect weather, with a cool breeze. This work is on canvas, but not stretched. My Facebook page shows an "in situ" photograph. It will be shown in my next exhibition on May 1.

Sydney, Australia

Acrylic on canvas
80 x 97cm

Feb 18, 2014

Summer Rain

I painted "Summer Rain" for a demonstration at my local art society.
It is acrylic on paper, and executed like a watercolour.

I wanted to represent a different weather event 
from the normal sunny, bright days.

90 x 55cm (approx)

Feb 8, 2014

Sydney Daylight

Charcoal sketch and painting from the Observatory Hill in Sydney. 
Unlike last time (in the bandstand) I was positioned out on the grass, and at times I had whole bus loads of tourists behind me! 
It was quite a challenge to maintain concentration. There were little children up close, so engrossed and watching every stroke. (I use big house brushes.)
But I chatted with lots of people and it was fun: like when you are walking a dog, everyone is much friendlier.

"Sydney Daylight"
55 x 90cm
Acrylic on paper

Charcoal study
44 x 50cm

Available at my next Gallery V show opening May 1