Jun 24, 2022

Plein air with Friends


Near Appin oil painting
A warm winter afternoon with my painting buddies Donald Talintyre and John Rice. A friendly farm owner let us park on her property. I could have painted John as he was in the middle of my view! But I worked around him. 

45 x 60cm oil on canvas. For Sale. $600 pp

Apr 10, 2022

Chickens and hospitals


Today I had to re-home these sweet girls. They were being hen-pecked by my five older hens, and I have no ability to keep them separated. So off they went. They are in a new home nearby with 20+ other chickens. (Thanks Bel!)
I'm not sad, just relieved to have one problem solved.

The other thing is that my husband Bob has just had a knee replacement, and faces a long slow rehabilitation. He had a stroke back in 2010, and half of his body does not work. So something as simple as sitting up in the bed is difficult for him, and now walking is impossible. 

A rehabilitation hospital will get things sorted. He'll go to one of these as soon as a bed is available.

Meanwhile, Honey the Cavoodle is missing her daddy! And I'm doing daily visits across town. So painting has been placed on hold for a while.

Feb 28, 2022

How I uploaded and 'minted' my first NFT in 2021.

I'm occasionally asked how I created an NFT. Non-fungible token. 

So here is my process. Changes happen all the time, so there is a chance that my instructions will be soon out of date.

I started with a movie that I created myself by animating a waterfall.  (You don't need a moving image. Just a jpeg will do.)

Get the wallet set up first.

1: Open an account with CoinSpot.com (or CoinBase or similar)

2: Deposit about AU$200

3: Buy Ethereum with that $200.

4: Open an account (called a wallet) with Metamask.com

5: Transfer your Ethereum from Coinspot to Metamask.

(Hint: You will have to use Chrome as your browser, then your Metamask Wallet account icon will sit in the top righthand corner as an extension, easy to access,)

Now to mint your NFT. (English: create your non-fungible token)

6: Open an account with Rarible.com

 7: Upload your jpg image or movie to Rarible.com

8: Decide if you want to add value by providing an “unlockable” file – eg: a high res version, suitable for printing as a bonus to someone buying your NFT.

Follow the prompts and fill in the fields.

9: Pay the “gas” fees (they vary every day, between $80 and $200!) This is where you need to use your wallet.


10: You have now minted an NFT. 

11: Open an account with Opensea.com

 and put your NFT up for sale on their site as well. I did this just to reach a larger audience.

NOTE: Expect to be charged for every transfer of money, and possibly when you buy an NFT. 

There are lots of instructions on YouTube. Just google NFT.

Good luck!

Feb 19, 2022

Beach Painting

 Back to my favourite beach. Lobster Jacks Beach at Ulladulla, NSW Auatralia.

It is close to the campsite, private, allows dogs, almost always empty. Sometimes there is just sand, other times lots of seaweed. Beautiful rocks, some of which have memories of past foliage and sealife. Yes: fossils everywhere. 

These are three plein air paintings, available on my Singulart web site.


Jan 9, 2022

Good News


Yesterday my "Abundant Waters" show was officially launched! It is a real show.  There are 14 large paintings on show (I have already sold two works prior). 

And I have been asked for smaller ones! So Today I'll see what I have in my "plein air" file.