Mar 30, 2011

Shepherds Bay from under Ryde Bridge

"Plein Air" painting. I set up my easel under Ryde Bridge for this one. I love the natural framing of one bridge by another. Parramatta River is about two blocks from my home in Putney. Luckily I did not attract attention. Joggers and bike riders kept going. One old classmate passed by and we had a chat.
30" x 40" (76 x 102cm) 
Oil on Canvas

Mar 27, 2011

Workshop with Alexander McKenzie

I had a fabulous day learning new techniques from Alexander McKenzie on Sunday 27th March. It was held at the Hazelhurst Regional Gallery a few miles south of Sydney.
Alex instructed a 'master class' on how to break the process of painting into stages: the sketch, the blocking in, the information and mark-making layer, fine-tuning. Designed for busy working people who can only paint on occasions, this "stages' approach allows one to progress with a work... despite interruptions.

I love to see how artists arrange their paint, and this is Alexander's palette.
Alexander (with pony tail) is giving instruction to two fellow work-shoppers.
He had a half-started painting to use for demonstration.

Alex with his own work, which he used for demo-ing.

Mar 13, 2011

Children of the Pantheon

"Children of the Pantheon" explores the juxtaposition of youth with age, summer with winter, the new world with the old, and the possibility of Rome being inundated by flood waters when the global change finally comes... and the little nippers of Bondi Beach take over the world!
90cm x 175cm 
(35" x 68")
Oil on linen