Feb 13, 2015

Gold Light in the Afternoon

Macquarie Woods, NSW, is a 'demonstration' pine plantation in country NSW. A section of the property is reserved for camping. We spent our first night there in our brand-new motorhome. There were no facilities like electricity or wi-fi. It was just us, parked beside this small lake. 
The warm afternoon light on the distant hills, and the large expanse of reflective water was so inviting, I painted it till sunset.

We had a steep leaning curve that night: parking on a level spot was important if you wanted a good night's sleep. Also the electrical outlets didn't work if your van is not plugged in to 240 volts: so no coffee!

"Gold Light in the Afternoon"
by Shirley Peters
Acrylic on Watercolor Paper 300gsm 50cm x 38cm