Dec 4, 2015

Kiama in the Morning Sun

At a little cove called Easts Beach, Kiama, south of Sydney.
I was painting while perched on the rocks, but had to move back as the tide came in.
We were staying in our motorhome at a 'holiday park' nearby. (BIG4 Easts Beach Holiday Park)
Very quiet and peaceful in the spring.

Watercolour and acrylic white on Saunders paper.
610mm x 457mm (24" x 18")
$440 unframed

Nov 13, 2015

I've been travelling

"China Town Business"
A small store in the China Town quarter in Singapore

"Clock Tower by the Shops"
Rothamburg: a 'plain air' under difficult circumstances. I had left my water container behind, and had to flood one half of the palette from a water bottle. A messy sketch, but a good memory of a very cute German town.

"Red Reflections"
Bamburg was a surprise: just a modern shopping spot, I thought, until we turned a corner and discovered a medieval town built on a confluence of waterways.

"The Canal of Gold"

And wonderful Amsterdam: just a quick water tour of the canals, before we were bussed away to our ship in Utrecht. I was sad that I had no time here to catch up with Ella Arps, from The Arps Gallery. Next time!!

Sep 1, 2015

Selling prints...

I've finished my output for Le Tour de France this year. Some of my best efforts from previous years are on Fine Art America, and people can order any size print, and even stretched canvas. They look great when blown up! Here is a link to a recent purchase:

Aug 12, 2015

Le Tour Near the Coast

Even the small hills are tough! Le Tour de France winds all over France and sometimes surrounding countries. This time they were near the north coast.

30 x 42 cm Watercolour on Paper
Available on 

Aug 9, 2015

Greipel's Power Sprint - Stage 21 #TDF

A powerful bunched sprint! I wonder if anyone has done the calculations for horsepower?
Greipel is in red, waiting his chance to break free!


Aug 7, 2015

Victory! Froome and Sky Team Friends

What an emotional time for Chris Froome and (Aussie) Richie Porte and the Sky Team! Winners of the 2015 Yellow Jersey, shown here doing their victory lap. I bet every competitive cyclist dreams of doing just this!!
42 x 30cm Available on  Ebay

Aug 5, 2015

Porte, Quintana, Froome and Nibali.

Four of the best: Porte in black, Quintana in white, Froome (hidden) and Nibali in blue. These riders are so strong to ride the crazy high Alps, and they lived to tell the tale!

24 x 32cm Watercolour Landscape, sport.

Quintana in White

This Spanish rider, Nairo Quintana Rojas is the winner of the White Jersey. He is very impressive, and came second overall to Froome. 

24 x 32cm Watercolour on Paper 

Jul 31, 2015

Stage 21: Froome and Sagan

The last day of the race is special. An easy ride around the streets of Paris.
(I'll be there soon!! Books a trip for October. )


Jul 29, 2015

Just Us Two

Le Tour de France 
Two riders in the Alps
push slowly uphill. 

AU$120 plus postage

Jul 26, 2015

Le Tour de France: Descending the Alps

Lots of downhill action, such fun to watch (from Australia) if you sit really close to the TV. I get motion sick sometimes!! This is a smaller painting than my others, it matches last years size.

Jul 25, 2015

Rain on Tour

Not many rainy days this year. I love them, as the reflections and the steam make for great atmosphere. Not sure the riders are that keen, although the hot days seem so uncomfortable!


Through Valleys

Lots of lovely villages in the valleys: a chance for the riders to relax between climbs.

Le Tour in Snow Alps

Beautiful vistas for us, probably not noticed by the riders: 
these two are heading downhill at great speed!
30 x 42cm Watercolour and guache.

$120 plus postage
Email for postage price:

Jul 22, 2015

The Rear of the Peloton

The action is not always at the front!!
This is one of my favourite Le Tour paintings. I have given the original to my daughter. I have prints available through Etsy. I make the limited edition prints myself, matching the colour exactly! I use archival inks and paper, and they'll last longer than the originals!!
I have other works available too: MY ETSY SHOP

Racing Le Tour

I love painting speed from Le Tour de France. The actual protagonists are of little consequence: its mainly the colour and movement!!

Jul 19, 2015

Riding the Rain on Stage 12

I look forward to rainy stages! There are dramatic scenes, reflections on the roads, and rising steam! Somehow I don't think the riders love it that much!

Watercolour and guache on paper;
30 x 42cm, Sold.

Jul 14, 2015

Forever Winning, This Team

Another painting from Le Tour de France. This is from the team trials, where eight riders rode to win. No competition on the road, just the clock! I have deliberately left off the colours, just to add to the mystery...!

Le Tour de France – The Breakaway Through The Crowds

I've been painting Le Tour de France for a few years now, and I'm constantly trying to improve my technique. This is a slightly 'looser' impression than previous efforts, so I'm happy to post it here in my blog.
$120 plus postage.

Jul 4, 2015

Storm Brewing at Nattai Mines

24 x 32cm Acrylic on Paper
While travelling (not far from Sydney) I have been painting each night in the van, using photos and sketches from the day's adventures. No plein air for me at the moment!! The temp is too close to zero out there!
$150 + $20 packing & postage

Jun 30, 2015

"On the Road"

"On the Road": a painting of three early leaders in Le Tour de France. Painted today, from a scene recorded last year. The race does not start until Saturday.. can't wait!!


Jun 29, 2015

The Lights of Le Tour

Le Tour de France starts soon, and I'm doing some pre-race exercises! I start with watercolour, and then throw in acrylic to toughen up the colours. 

I love this scene showing two anonymous riders being pushed along by the camera crew and support vehicle. They are at the "tĂȘte de la course".


Jun 24, 2015

Rock Garden

The wild bushland behind my home has areas of 'garden' that look designed. 
Acrylic on Saunders Watercolour Paper, 43cm x 58cm. 

Jun 23, 2015

Storm Afternoon

Many layers are sacrificed in the creation of this painting! I started with a watercolour of carefully drawn trees; then worked over, and over with acrylic colours and calligraphy. Lots of fun.


Blue Foliage

Having just visited a recently storm-ravaged beach I am working on a series that depicts the visible destruction. The trees were torn apart and thrown down by the winds. I don't know how the local caravans would have survived.
This is watercolour and acrylic on paper, unframed.

Apr 23, 2015

Town Travel

It's almost time for my annual obsession: Le Tour de France.
So I found myself watching the Paris-Roubaix at Easter. What a tough one-day race that is!

Watercolour on Paper, White mat, black frame, non-reflective glass.
FRAMED: Internal image size: 54 x 38 cm
Available: $450 plus postage.

Apr 16, 2015

First visit was a total wash out!

Here is the view of the rain that ruined my first day of "plain-air". It had been sunny at first, when I climbed down to my neighbours dam. Then the clouds blew in, and the heavens opened!

Here is the result of the downpour! I like minimalism, but this not only washed off the canvas, the actual stretcher was distorting. The trees were not thick enough to hide under, so it became drenched! (I had an umbrella, but it wasn't big enough for the both of us!)

Next visit proved a lovely sunny day. As did the third. Eventually I was satisfied with my work, and was very glad to walk back home for the last time. The route to the dam is via an old fire track. It is very washed away, and only rocks remain. No vehicle could go down that track at the moment, and it was a good workout for me to have to carry a canvas and paints there and back. 

It's also a very isolated dam: and I've been watching too many murder shows lately. The iPhone is "SOS" only... so I'm glad no one appeared out of the bushes to 'do me in"!! Funny enough, I never think of snakes... a much more likely threat!

Silence After Noon

I had to trek deep into the gully behind my house in Mulgoa for this project. Three times I visited.. the first time was a total wash-out, with the sunny day turning dark and stormy, and the rain bucketing down!! The wet acrylic paint washed off the surface, and I was left with some minimalist marks.
On the second trip I forgot my palette, so I had to use paint squeezed straight from the tubes. It produced some interesting, strong colours!
The third time was OK. The air was so still, the sun started setting behind the trees and the water turned dark and glassy. 
So I have a lot of emotion tied up with this work, not to mention sweat and tears from the (climbing) downs and ups!

"Silence After Noon" by Shirley Peters
Acrylic on Canvas 
90 cm x 90 cm

Mar 26, 2015

"At The Bend"

This small waterhole was a surprise find when my sister Barbara and I were walking in the wild bushland. We had had rain, and it was great to see the bush greening up. I had three visits to the site (twice with the large canvas, and once just to photograph).

AUS $1600 
plus postage within Australia and international.

Mar 6, 2015

"Light on the Floor": see "technique" page for progress photos.

I painted this work over two sessions: both in the afternoon.
In fact, it was a bit hot today, and although I wear sunscreen, I feel a tad burnt! (I was wearing a hat though! :))
I love dramatic shadows of this view, and the messy forest floor is a fun, graphic subject.

I have taken progress photos which can be seen on another page in this blog.

Backyard Dam at Mulgoa

I have an amazing new 'back yard' with a chook shed and a dam, and an acre of natural bush. So my next few painting subjects will be close to home! Here is the dam. It has a slow leak, and therefore goes down then up, depending on the recent rainfall. Fortunately we don't need it for anything practical, so the level is not important. Yesterday I saw a tortoise in it! I thought it was a dinner plate under the water, until it swam away! We suspect there are yabbies in there as well, as the occasional crab-like claw has been found on the muddy edge.

I painted this 'en plain air' painting over a few days. I had many attempts... but each time I worked on it the light changed in temperature and position. So I see it as a conglomerate of four days over summer.

Feb 26, 2015

Running Cool and Deep

I loved the tall, soft grass and the intense detail in the foliage in this view at Macquarie Woods. But it was very hot, and I had set up my table in the open very early. Soon the sun was overhead and I was sweltering! And the acrylic paint was drying as it touched the canvas.

So the finishing was done on my verandah, this afternoon.

I can't use my studio yet, as it is not finished! I have pics of its progress on my other blog:

"Running Cool and Deep" by Shirley Peters
Acrylic on Canvas
60cm x 90cm

Feb 13, 2015

Gold Light in the Afternoon

Macquarie Woods, NSW, is a 'demonstration' pine plantation in country NSW. A section of the property is reserved for camping. We spent our first night there in our brand-new motorhome. There were no facilities like electricity or wi-fi. It was just us, parked beside this small lake. 
The warm afternoon light on the distant hills, and the large expanse of reflective water was so inviting, I painted it till sunset.

We had a steep leaning curve that night: parking on a level spot was important if you wanted a good night's sleep. Also the electrical outlets didn't work if your van is not plugged in to 240 volts: so no coffee!

"Gold Light in the Afternoon"
by Shirley Peters
Acrylic on Watercolor Paper 300gsm 50cm x 38cm