Dec 19, 2020

I have been doing some plain-air landscapes lately.

Above is the view out my studio window. I have a classic dam in my backyard, and here it is half full. Once a year it overflows, and often it is empty. A constant reminder of the extremes we live with.

My sister Barbara and I visited the Megalong Valley. We were able to set up our easels and do an afternoon's painting. It was warm, not hot. A slight breeze, and very sunny.

Last February I painted this beach and the village at Stanley in Tasmania. I think it was my last one for the holiday, and I've just found it in the trailer, still attached to the board. So it finally gets an airing. I really like it, and might frame it for myself.

One day, Bob and I and Honey took the motorhome and went off looking for some water to paint. We were disappointed at how many parks are still closed due to fire damage. Our closest (going south from Mulgoa) was at Thirlmere. One of the few 'natural' lakes in Australia (most a dammed rivers). So I painted this grassy scene, which had ducks frequently landing and swimming past. Magic.

A plein air day with friends at the Old Weir at Penrith. They are in the distance. When I go out with other painters we always spread out so far that its like painting alone. Except if you have a tea break, or need a colour that you left at home! It's always a treat.

After painting, we visited the Lewers Gallery to see the Warrick Fuller Retrospective. 
Left to right: Myself, Don Talintyre, Salwa Woodroffe, John Rice.

On my recent trip for a two day break, I hit the waves! 
Well, I painted them from a rock platform anyway.


 My open studio went very well. Sold a few paintings, and ended up with a clean, organised studio.