Jul 28, 2013

All Behind

The alps region in France is beautiful. The vistas go on forever, but the rider's were focused on their strategy.

This painting is one of a series taken from Le Tour de France coverage by our local TV station SBS. I watch the action live, and click my iphone at the screen when a scene grabs me. Sometimes I end up with 50 or more clicks from each night.

I then paint one or two images. 

It's sort of live, only half a world away, and at midnight here, and in winter!!


Jul 15, 2013

The Fixer

"The Fixer"

Technicians can change wheels very quickly, despite the 
extra gadgets attached to these bikes.


24cm x 32cm Watercolour on 200gsm Canson Watercolor Paper.

Classic Tour

With the cameras behind, this view is 'classic' Le Tour de France.

I saw it on the Stage 15, before they started the huge climb.


24cm x 32cm Watercolour on 200gsm Canson Watercolor Paper.

Jul 13, 2013

Sprinter's Day

The sprint finish on Stage 13 of Le Tour de France.
Cavendish, on the right, wins the race. 
He has now won 25 stages, a new record.


24cm x 32cm Watercolour on 200gsm Canson Watercolor Paper.

Jul 9, 2013

The Other Bike

I am losing sleep! Every night Le Tour is on TV, and I watch it, and paint it.
So colourful, so exciting!

Jul 6, 2013

Flying Deep

One of my paintings from the "The World Below". 
It depicts the underground reservoir at Centennial Park, Sydney, with some fantasy: this time the unlikely happening of seagulls flying through.

Normally used to house Sydney's drinking water, the reservoir was emptied, my husband photographer, Bob Peters, and I were lowered in... and we helped to make a record of the space. 

From this memory, and the photographs, I have produced a body of work comprising 26 medium and large scale paintings.

76cm x 76cm, oil on canvas.
For Sale: AU$980.00

See my web site www.shirleypeters.com for all the paintings from this series.