Feb 1, 2024

Self portrait



Do I look sad? Amidst the tumultuous landscape of 2024, a world in disarray and imbalance, the act of painting appears to have lost its inherent meaning and purpose. I wish for humanity to embark upon a transformative journey, initiate change, reset its course.

For me, this is a non painting. I took it all the way to finished, then scraped it back to the linen. It is reset. 

100 x 76cm

Oil and charcoal on linen

Dec 4, 2023

Another Art Trail Open Studio done and dusted.

Open Studio with the Mulgoa Art Trail.

 What a lovely weekend meeting old and new friends and clients. 

I made a few sales, and met some artists that I follow on social media. It was a fun time.
But, now back to painting for my next series.

Nov 5, 2023

Dappled beauty: a stepped waterfall in the Blue Mountains.

My initial sketch for this painting was using white paint on a black canvas. I was tempted to leave it. But I couldn't help myself, so I continued with the colours of the glade. They were the whole spectrum!! I'm very happy with this work, and I'd like to make a larger version, maybe for the Wynne next year.

"Dappled Beauty"
Wentworth Falls, NSW, Australia

76 x 100cm 
oil on canvas

Oct 17, 2023

The Dam

 A beautiful spring day produces bright colours and deep shadows. I enjoyed painting this landscape as it is a favourite subject. 

Aug 4, 2023

Bush landscapes: oil and/or synthetic polymer

Here are some of my latest paintings: all large (100 x 76 cm) or (100 x 100cm) and framed in white.

I won't label them here, but if you are interested in sizes, prices etc, or buying one (😉) go to the "Bushland" page on my website. 

Here's the link: https://www.shirleypeters.com.au/landscapes


May 9, 2023

May 7, 2023

New paintings in my studio

 I'm in the studio nearly every day, painting for an upcoming Art Fair, and a Solo Show.

Here are five finished paintings. These will need professional photography, but the iphone will manage for now. 

Zephyr Rock 70 x 90cm Oil on Canvas

Three Trees Over Water 100 x 100cm Oil on Canvas

Constant Flow 100 x 100cm Oil on Canvas

Bush Abstract 100 x 100cm Oil on Canvas

Blue Rock 100 cm x 100cm Oil on Canvas

Mar 19, 2023

Small annoyances


Recently I have spent a small fortune on brushes and paints.
And I'm finding that they are rubbish!!
Here are five issues that annoyed me today:

Above: Two small brushes: same brand, same age (new!). The brush on the left is already dog-eared after one painting!

Two medium brushes: left one is clumping, right one is behaving.
Both cleaned the same way. Both new, used for only one painting so far.

Large tube of paint, two paintings. Already cracked, causing leakage. I need to use a bandaid!

Just a personal preference: I dislike wide openings on tubes.

And finally, oil paint that had leaked its linseed oil while in transit or on the shop floor, causing the paint to become dried out and too hard to use.

Mar 6, 2023

Blue Creek Down Back

I'm starting a new series based on my favourite muse: the bushland behind my studio. These paintings will be looser than before, and my goal is abstraction, within the landscape genre.

I am referencing Jackson Pollock's Blue Poles with this painting. My alternative title was Black Stump. But I'll save that for another one.

In 2001 this area was burnt in a massive bush fire, and today many of the trees are still blackened. Some are dead stumps, but many have survived, and are re-growing.

This painting is about climate change: we have severe droughts and flooding rains, and fires that are so destructive that regrowth can take decades. 

Blue Creek Down Back
118 x 145cm
(47" x 57")

Room view from Canvy to give an idea of size.
Currently this painting is not framed.

My working space. A fabulous easel made by a friend's husband.
It can handle very large canvases.

Hot weather at last!

 Warm winds from the north have bought 40ºC heat to Sydney this week. So luckily I have finished my latest painting and was happy to head to the beach. It is about an hour's drive to Bronte Beach. Being a Monday we were hoping it would not be crowded but it was! Forgot the flash card for my camera, so only iPhone shots. :-(

The beach was closed due to a dangerous rip, so most of the swimmers were in the pool! This is where we like to go, as Bob is using it for exercise and safe plunging. The surf is too strong for him, even mild waves. 

Nov 4, 2022

To sign or not to sign abstract paintings

I recently visited "Blue Poles" by Jackson Pollock. It is hanging in the Australian National Art Gallery. It's purchase almost destroyed the leftist government back in the 70's. Goodness, they paid over one million dollars!! (Now estimated to be priceless!)

Pleasantly surprised to see that he had signed his painting! 

"Blue Poles" Jackson Pollack 1953

I recently have been advised that "you don't sign abstracts on the front, because it interferes with the image."

My response is: signatures have always interfered. They have cut across the soft and sensitive paint of the masters, and sometimes taken a major role in the composition.

Self-Portrait with Fur-Trimmed Robe 
Albrecht Durer 1500

These large elaborate signatures were a form of advertising for the artist, especially on self portraits. This was probably the beginning of the signature tradition, and it evolved into a modest corner position.

The same applies today: it's a form of marketing yourself, as not all visitors to your patron's home will be familiar with your style. It's a chance for networking, and it is respectful to your buyer. They won't have to pull the painting off the wall to remember the artist's name. 

The Travellers, After Cezanne
Shirley Peters 2018

The fun with abstracts is that you can hide your signature somewhere in the surface movement, or just fill a corner. 

Let me know what you think in the comment section. 



Sep 16, 2022

 "Spring Evening at Glen Davis"

35 x 45cm, oil on board.