Mar 29, 2021

Plein Air Painting at Blackheath

We joined with four other painters in a three day painting holiday at Blackheath, NSW Australia. Blackheath is a lovely old town at the top of the Blue Mountains, not too far from my home at Mulgoa.

We stayed at a rental cottage and travelled to nearby lookouts, painting all day, every day. 

John Rice (right) paints atmospheric rural scenes with huge gums and misty rivers; Don Talintyre (centre) is an established plein-air landscape artist; Bob, my husband, came for the company. (he doesn't paint.)

Salwa Woodroffe (above) is a "modern" oil painter, who paints a variety of subjects, such as portraits and landscapes, 

where as I (above) am half modern, but trying to practice a more traditional method for my landscapes en Plein air. 

We also had a talented local artist, David Landgrebe, paint with us each day (left).

Here are some random shots from the days:

Salwa near the edge.

John Rice and Salwa Woodroffe.

Painting early before the mist rose.

David Landgrebe

John Rice

Don Talintyre

Three painters in the field!

John Rice

My set up for video.

Beautiful cave formations.

Vistas to fly through! (We painted from the
hang-gliders' launch pad!)



An easel on the edge.

My first finished painting: Anvil Rock

Seven half finished paintings at home, waiting for attention. 
I'll post them when I'm done.