Mar 10, 2013

Coastal Walk

A few weeks ago I discovered a part of our coast that I had not seen before: halfway between Maroubra and Coogee beaches; a path leading down to a sea pool. It was flooded with high tide and rough seas, but looked like it would be fun in milder seas.
I will go back this week to paint "en Plein Air" this scene. 
I have done this watercolour as a warm up.

The Lady in Red

The old-town buildings in Nerac were often leaning. 
They were also built out over the street. 
To facilitate tossing the washing water out the window maybe? 
This lady was waiting patiently for her friends to catch up...


New faces Old

In Nerac, the old town is preserved. New buildings have been constructed on one side of this small lane: crumbling old town is on the other.

22 x 30cm Watercolour

Laneway sketching, dark and light

"Dark into Light"
"Warm Shades"
Purple Lane

"Blue Lane"

'Light in the Lane'

These are watercolours on paper: about 23 x 33cm. Variations on the same lane: looking into the dark, and then the reverse.

I love doing this sketchy technique, as it is symbolic of the casual style, loose stones, rough walls of the old town.

(by the way, I have repeated this post on both of my blogs... Sooner or later I will make a decision to scrap one of them!)