Jun 25, 2011

The Poker Game

24"x 36" 
Oil on Linen
China village life. Men played poker in the street, 
out side their houses, in the parks, everywhere. 
They didn't seem to be gambling, just having fun. 

This painting is for sale. I can post to anywhere, world wide.
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Jun 13, 2011

Geese in the Lane

We visited a small village in rural China, where we discovered these geese, looking like characters from a children's book. So cute. I wonder what they thought of us, taking photos.

30cm x 42cm

Jun 9, 2011

The Visitor on Wednesday

20 x 36"
Oil on Canvas

We visited this rice mill in Southern China, and were able to watch the farmers using the same method that has been in place for hundreds of years. I was taken with the light and shadows in the room.

Jun 4, 2011

"Rain in Venice"

Painting size: 17 x 26 cm; (6.7" x 10.2" approx) with about one inch of white paper surrounding.
Watercolour painting (watercolor) ready to frame
by Shirley Peters

Venice was very beautiful in the cold winter. These old shops were warm and welcoming, making it easy to step inside.

Bidding starting at $1 on Ebay.