Apr 16, 2015

First visit was a total wash out!

Here is the view of the rain that ruined my first day of "plain-air". It had been sunny at first, when I climbed down to my neighbours dam. Then the clouds blew in, and the heavens opened!

Here is the result of the downpour! I like minimalism, but this not only washed off the canvas, the actual stretcher was distorting. The trees were not thick enough to hide under, so it became drenched! (I had an umbrella, but it wasn't big enough for the both of us!)

Next visit proved a lovely sunny day. As did the third. Eventually I was satisfied with my work, and was very glad to walk back home for the last time. The route to the dam is via an old fire track. It is very washed away, and only rocks remain. No vehicle could go down that track at the moment, and it was a good workout for me to have to carry a canvas and paints there and back. 

It's also a very isolated dam: and I've been watching too many murder shows lately. The iPhone is "SOS" only... so I'm glad no one appeared out of the bushes to 'do me in"!! Funny enough, I never think of snakes... a much more likely threat!

Silence After Noon

I had to trek deep into the gully behind my house in Mulgoa for this project. Three times I visited.. the first time was a total wash-out, with the sunny day turning dark and stormy, and the rain bucketing down!! The wet acrylic paint washed off the surface, and I was left with some minimalist marks.
On the second trip I forgot my palette, so I had to use paint squeezed straight from the tubes. It produced some interesting, strong colours!
The third time was OK. The air was so still, the sun started setting behind the trees and the water turned dark and glassy. 
So I have a lot of emotion tied up with this work, not to mention sweat and tears from the (climbing) downs and ups!

"Silence After Noon" by Shirley Peters
Acrylic on Canvas 
90 cm x 90 cm