Mar 26, 2013

Behind the Bamboo Seller's House

I visited the Chinese country side and found many views
and details worthy of painting.
This will be the first in a new series.

Size is 20 x 25 x 3cm (approximately 7" x 9")
Oil on canvas.

Painted on the sides, ready to hang.

Mar 24, 2013

En Plein Air ...

I have done two paintings in two days of this harbour pool.
My back is quite sore, as I had to bend over the work.
And as you can see, the weather was just perfect: about 30C and a cool, gentle breeze.
My main complaint was that I didn't have my swimmers with me.. and 
I live about 30 mins away.

It is acrylic on paper and is very large: 1m x 1.5m

Mar 23, 2013

St Patricks Day in Bridge Street

Watercolour Sketch 
26 x 38cm

Two Buses in Clarence Street

Watercolour sketch
24 x 32cm

The Lift

These sketches were done from my car.
Sort of "en plein air" but not obvious to passers-by.

My husband was commissioned to photograph the lift of 
large machinery and ramps up onto the top of a building 
that will soon be demolished.

Bob was taking the photographs, while I sketched!

Each 24 x 32cm approx

Mar 21, 2013

Fig Tree Sydney Harbour

Another classic scene from near the Botanical Gardens, Sydney.

23 x 31cm Watercolour on paper

Mar 19, 2013

Harbour Rocks

Mrs Macquarie Point: the rocks are an old extension of a boat ramp: now washed away.
In the afternoon sun the colours were beautiful.

24 x 32cm

Harbour Lights

Sydney Harbour as viewed from the point north of the Art Gallery.
It is called Mrs Macquarie Chair: she was the wife of our first govenor, and liked to sit on the point looking out on the harbour. So they named the area after her.

I was there last Sunday doing some watercolours, it was windy and 
the sea was breaking over the rocks.

Watercolor on paper: 26 x 36cm
(Will suit an IKEA "Ribba" frame AU$14.99, with some trimming of the mat)

Mar 18, 2013

New Growth

Beyond the bike path, our canal boat passed acres of saplings.
Their lines formed graphic patterns, and the colours were unusual, 
considering we were there in spring.
26 x 36cm
Watercolour on paper

Mar 17, 2013

Deep and Still

The canals in Amsterdam are lined with house barges. The water
is deep and still, occasionally disturbed by
tourist cruises. We were on one such cruise. It was great, 
as it gave us many new views of the city.

20cm x 28cm

Mar 14, 2013

Night and early morning

Pale Night

Hidden Moon

Summer Night

Warm Light Reflects

Early Light

A walk though the dark streets of Meilhan sur Garonne, very late... and very early.
These are watercolours on paper: about 20 x 29cm.

All sold

Mar 13, 2013

The Mill House

This derelict old mill house on the River Baise in the South of France still has 'authority' over it's environment. It would make a wonderful 'restoration' project!

21 x 29cm Watercolour on paper

Mar 10, 2013

Coastal Walk

A few weeks ago I discovered a part of our coast that I had not seen before: halfway between Maroubra and Coogee beaches; a path leading down to a sea pool. It was flooded with high tide and rough seas, but looked like it would be fun in milder seas.
I will go back this week to paint "en Plein Air" this scene. 
I have done this watercolour as a warm up.

The Lady in Red

The old-town buildings in Nerac were often leaning. 
They were also built out over the street. 
To facilitate tossing the washing water out the window maybe? 
This lady was waiting patiently for her friends to catch up...


New faces Old

In Nerac, the old town is preserved. New buildings have been constructed on one side of this small lane: crumbling old town is on the other.

22 x 30cm Watercolour

Laneway sketching, dark and light

"Dark into Light"
"Warm Shades"
Purple Lane

"Blue Lane"

'Light in the Lane'

These are watercolours on paper: about 23 x 33cm. Variations on the same lane: looking into the dark, and then the reverse.

I love doing this sketchy technique, as it is symbolic of the casual style, loose stones, rough walls of the old town.

(by the way, I have repeated this post on both of my blogs... Sooner or later I will make a decision to scrap one of them!)


Mar 2, 2013

Self Portrait

Once a year the Art Gallery of New South Wales holds a portrait competition.
It is open to all comers.. but of course, only a few get selected and hung.
I like to enter occasionally, just for the fun or it.
I know I won't get hung, but I like a deadline... and an excuse to paint a portrait.

The easiest person to paint is oneself. Always willing to pose, never complains... except I'm not happy with the amount of wrinkles I've had to add this year.

Here is a link to last year's finalists: