How to "OWN" your paintings with Photoshop

Some artists are hesitant to upload images of their work as they might be stolen and the attribution lost.

To overcome this problem there is an easy way to keep your name with your painting, no-matter how many times it is copied or shared.

You add your name to the "metadata" of the image before you upload it.

This information will be invisible, but it remains in the background.

You will need an image processing program like Photoshop.

Follow these links and you will find this pop up window:

Photoshop > File > File Info>

Fill in any of these sections that you want. I only do the Copyright Status and add my website in the 'Copyright Notice". This has my name in it: "" which means that people can find me if they want.

  • A copyright symbol will appear in the title bar if you select "copyrighted".
  • Under the keywords box "multiple values" is geek-speak for "words"
  • Advanced: I have added this procedure to an "action" so that my details are added automatically when I play that action. You will need to google "How to do Actions in Photoshop": well worth the effort!
  • Check out the other tabs that exist within this pop-up window. It's a minefield of data that your camera records.
Let me know if this was useful!
Check out other peoples photos by opening them in Photoshop and see if they have added any info! A. Not many people know about this! :) B: I sometimes forget to do this myself... !