My Acrylic Painting Technique

I took some photographs of my painting progress:

In the distance I can see an interesting rock. 
I decide to make this my subject.
My first move is to mix some green and brown 
on a plastic lid and paint a light 
watercolour-style wash. 
My next step is to add dark brown and blue
to my palette and paint in the shadows.
This is when I decide on the basic composition.

More colours added: using a very big brush at this stage,
and allowing the paint to dry between layers. 
This is called glazing as each layer is transparent.
No white or opaque colours at this stage.

This is my finished paining for day 1.
Day 2

The next day I decide to improve the background,
 and so I paint over the top of the existing painting. 
No worry, as I can easily paint everything back in.
I want to be more dramatic with the shadows. 
have them zooming straight at me. 
Big bold strokes loosen up the painting. I will
have to repaint all the details but the end 
result will be more complex and interesting.

Three hours later: I have added the details, and am 
happy to call this finished.