May 30, 2021

The Process involved in doing a Commission.


"Sirius Cove, Distant Rain" 180 x 100 cm Oil on Canvas 

I have finished this large seascape and delivered it to the client last weekend. 

It took a few trips: first one was to meet the client and see the space. And they showed me their 'backyard' which was this view: Sirius Cove

Then I returned the next day and did two plein air studies:

I used these paintings to create a 'mock-up' of the client's living room with a selection of layouts.

Vertical was a their original request.

Horizontal was my preference.

Then I added a less colourful version.

This last one they preferred, so my next visit was planned for an overcast day. 
I needed photographs that would help with that 'mood'.

And many more!

The final photomontage image.

I used photoshop to arrange the different shots.
I cut and pasted the foreground and the two sides. 
It's not accurate, but it gives the right impression.
This composite image became my 'muse' and I was able to sketch up and paint the canvas from this.

Tonal sketch on the canvas

I added the appropriate hardware and delivered the painting. 
And I can report that the clients were very happy.

My final thoughts on commission. 
Firstly, it has to be a subject that you are interested in painting, and can visit. 
Secondly, the price has to be fair, considering that it is an interruption to your usual work. (Unless commissions are your main job!)
Thirdly, making small version and getting approval from the client is important. I recently did a large montage of Le Tour de France riders, and the client did not like the riders that I chose to illustrate. His list was for the old champions who all took drugs!! So I was not interested in that and did my own guys, from that years TDF.
He didn't like it, and didn't take it. (Later he did, but for a discounted price, as I needed it gone!!) But the lesson was: get the client to approve your sketch, so that they know what they will be getting.

Bye for now