Jul 12, 2014

Stage 2- On The Turn

An Original Painting of Le Tour de France
by Shirley Peters

Stage two was spectacular: such huge crowds! And a frantic pace in the last half of the race.
This view of a breakaway cyclist typifies the individual nature of cycling: 
such personal effort as shown here, even though it is a team event.

Watercolor on paper 24 cm x 32 cm (9.4" x 12.6")
Posted Flat, supported with foam core board.
Painted on 8th July 2014

This is the second in my annual series of Le Tour de France paintings. 
I try to paint at least one every day of the tour.
If you want to see me painting, search for my name, and you will find me in an episode of "Colour in Your Life".

PS: The painting will fit a standard Ikea frame. "Riba"

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