Feb 25, 2019

After midnight, packing up the paints.

Here is my 'studio'. It's the dining table in the motorhome, and I have just finished a late night painting from a scene I captured yesterday. I have towels on the seats, and travel maps on the table, in a modest attempt to keep the interior clean and paint free!

Below is a view of the motorhome during the day. We have been travelling through the dry outback to get to this oasis!  Meet Bob and Honey!

Afternoon Light at Anglesea

Second work from our first camping spot on the Great Ocean Road. I love how the sun touches the outcrop and reflects. Worthy of recording, in my mind.
I've moved to a larger pad, so from now on the paintings will be 30 x 40cm, watercolour with some acrylic finishes.

Anglesea Cliffs

First painting in my new travel series. "Anglesea Cliffs" is mixed media on paper. 24 x 32 cm

Bob, Honey and I are travelling along the Great Ocean Road in Victoria, Australia. It's high summer, and the crowds are gone; a fabulous time to explore the lower edge of Australia.
I'm not painting plein air, but I am painting "on location". That means that I explore the landscape with a camera, and draw or paint from my best shot when I get back to our motorhome.
Plein air has become difficult, as I'm so busy caring for Bob, and dealing with the touring side. With this 'location' method, I feel that the inspiration is fresh and I am keen to get the paints out, in the comfort of my air conditioned travelling 'studio', aka motorhome, at night after the jobs are done.

Dec 9, 2018

Returning to an old painting.

I have paintings from years past that still hang and are occasionally sold. This snow-gum is from ten years ago, and now some visitors to my studio have expressed an interest.
So I've retouched the colours, added more detail, even painted the sides. It is now ready ready for a second chance. 

Aug 26, 2018

Riding the Alpes

I'm doing a few 'landscape' Le Tour paintings lately: my two favourite subjects combined.

 This work is one of a "MEMORIES" series, painted in August, depicting a scene from the Tour of France. Rather than a photographic record, I like to capture an impression of a stage, sometimes showing a rider, sometimes a group or team. Sometimes I combine two or more scenes to create the image.
This is a 7 day auction on eBay.

 If you'd like to buy a TDF painting I have 27 paintings from previous years on my online shop.

Watercolour on White Arches 300gsm paper
 31cm x 41cm, (12in x 16in). It will be posted flat, supported by MDF.

Happy customer!

Happy to receive photos of my 3 paintings framed and hung in their home. They are three of my best paintings, so I'm very happy to see them like this.

Aug 19, 2018

I've been painting!

Hello fellow Bloggers.
I've been so busy with Le Tour de France daily painting! I paint one a day during July, for each stage of the race. Now I'm just painting them for fun.
Please pop over to my web site to see them all, and the other work that I've been doing this year.

All paintings are 12" x 16"
Watercolour on paper
New daily paintings are available on eBay.
Seller: Shirley_Peters_Art