Jan 11, 2020

Acrylic Painting Demonstration: Brunswick Heads

Hello! I've just uploaded a very long video! Jump over to have a look, and maybe through me a like and subscribe?

Dec 9, 2019

The Amsterdam in Wind

Watercolour on paper 12 x 16in

I have made a video of the making of this painting. 
It is in real time, with me talking all the way through! :-/
The Amsterdam is a replica ship currently moored outside the maritime museum in Amsterdam. I've take a photo of it, and then used a Dutch master's seascape for inspiration on the background. A fun painting to do in mid-summer here in Australia!
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Nov 26, 2019

Learn to Paint! an Aussie Pub. Real time watercolour demonstration, 
step-by-step, with commentary.
Click here to go to the video.

Another one of my 13 new videos on Youtube. 
I am enjoying doing these paintings and creating demonstrations for newbie artists.
I get great comments, and that makes me feel that they are so worth doing. 
I recommend all artists to do this. Very satisfying.

Sep 10, 2019

My video is on Youtube! STAGE 12 PAINTING BIKES from Le Tour de France

I have been uploading videos to Youtube. My channel is here: https://www.youtube.com/user/sannpet
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Jul 28, 2019

Le Tour de France Collection

I've been painting every stage of Le Tour de France. It has been an exciting race, especially the unexpected abandonment yesterday.

I'm making videos of these paintings, usually time-lapse, and I've uploaded a few to Youtube.

Jul 20, 2019