Aug 6, 2013

Impress Action

I wanted to re-create the blur, the impression, of the action as filmed by the cameraman.
Riders in focus, but other vehicles swing around behind in a blur of action.


Breakaway Racing

Breathtaking speeds are reached when these riders pass over the alps.


On the Turn (with crowds)

I have tried to transfer this post from Ebay with little success: they add so much of their own rubbish (logos etc) that the post looks blinking awful.
I am not sure if a good app does exist for multiple postings, but I'd sure like it if there was one. Manually posting to ebay, then to blog then twitter can get time consuming: time better spent painting!!

Anyway, enough of my rant. Here is an earlier painting from about 2 weeks ago, and as usual, it's from Le Tour de France.

Stage 15 Mountains

Sometimes the scenery becomes the star of the show!  One of the main reasons TDF is so popular is those rolling hills! This was 3...