Jun 10, 2014

The Traverse

I have been retouching this work that I started in 2010. It was spotted on my web site, and requested by email. It's Murphy's Law that if you remove only some paintings from their stretchers and roll the canvases for storage, one of these paintings will be chosen for viewing by a client!! So I stapled it back onto a stretcher, and delivered it to the new home to see if they liked it. They did, so I fetched it back, retouched the paintwork to my now higher standard, and it's ready to be professionally framed.  I really like the subject, as it is where I used to ski in Perisher, NSW. So glad that it is going to a new, stylish home.

Size: 150cm x 95cm (approx) Oil on Canvas. Sold.

Stage 15 Mountains

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