Nov 14, 2013

Fresh Air Painting again, this time in Sydney.

Such a lovely day! Warm but with a cool breeze. Bob agreed to come Plein Air painting this afternoon. We drove around and around looking for a special spot at North Sydney.

Up high, not too many passing people. Great view. Perfect!
My folder lies flat and holds the paper. Paints behaved themselves.
Only problem is that I had to bend over to paint as I forgot my "extended" brush.

Back at the car, Bob is waiting for paint to dry! "It's not going in MY Subaru while still wet."

After deciding that the painting could fit in the car without having to fold it, we headed for our latest, favourite restaurant for dinner. But we needed a loo, urgently.
We found these "self cleaning" ones are under the Harbour Bridge.
I had to take a photo: clean, free, and so convenient.

What every "plein air" artist needs!!!

Speaking of which.. the bridge looked very splendid in the setting sun.

Back at home, my painting rests on the living room floor while it dries.

Finished painting. 
I'm not 'allowed' to touch it again. My rules :)
Except for removing the stones!


Victor Errington said...

Hi Shirley.
A really lovely painting, so colourful and large for a plein air painting. Well done shirley. How long did it take you to paint it? All the best.

Shirley Peters said...

Thanks Victor.
It was a one hour painting, but time spent beforehand mixing colours made it seem longer.
I have more pics on mu facebook fan page:

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