May 30, 2013

Photo download problem...

I have been away from blogging, and feel that I must give an excuse: I am doing large works for a show in July: and my galley owner has asked that I not display them anywhere until the show opens. (I like his 'marketing' mind.)

So I am going to use this blog for a few rants for the time being.

I was just trying to copy 3 thousand very important time-lapse photos onto my mac, and I received a "jpeg error code -36"... and worse: every photo showed this error!
I was using a card reader (Belkin) and a Digitech USB hub... so I connected the USB straight from the reader to the computer, and problem solved: all pictures are OK and are now downloading...
Phew! (Just thought I'd share this in case it helps someone else...)

Moral: don't trust "hub" hardware!


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